LegUp Panel Lift

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Item #:  60555 

The LegUp Panel lift provides additional manpower for small staffs, allowing single operators to lift large sheets onto cutting surfaces. This rugged, laborsaving panel lift accessory mounts quickly and easily to the edge of your table or to the end of the fence rail. Made of durable steel and powder coated to resist corrosion, the arm of the LegUp features a bottom hook that rests a few inches above the floor. Acting as a fulcrum with a sufficient portion of the panel rising above the pivot point, the device makes it easy for operators to rotate or flip panels onto a tabletop, without the risk of back injury or strain.

How the LegUp Works:

Simply place the bottom of your panel in the LegUp hook.

Rotate or flip the panel onto your table saw.

As the board slides on the table, the LegUp returns to its vertical position and ready for the next board.


  • Accommodates panels up to 1 1/2" thick
  • Back-saving Panel-Lift Accessory for your table
  • Mounts quickly & easily to the edge of the table or to the end of the fence rail
  • Eliminates strain and risk of injury to back and body
  • Life-time limited warranty to be free from defects in workmanship and materials